As an arts marketing consultant, I provide services to art galleries, institutions, media outlets and individual artists.

Eighteen years as director of international contemporary art fairs in Chicago, Miami and Washington, DC, provided me with unique access to the industry’s inner workings.

I have helped artists, galleries and art fairs grow and flourish within the highly competitive fine art market. It has been this nurturing process that’s provided the most enduring satisfaction and, thus, has become the core concept of my consulting practice.

Marketing Strategies for Galleries

Art fairs of all types are one of the industry’s most indispensable avenues for galleries, private dealers and artists to reach a large audience of collectors and art world professionals…


Marketing Strategies for Artists


Artists often ask me how they can gain access to the numerous contemporary art fairs around the country and the world. Reputable art fairs do not typically provide or rent booth space…




An art fair director is responsible for every aspect of the event—from production to profitability. Successful coordination of staff, exhibitors, design and overall…


Writing & Editing


Written communication—both online and off—is an essential part of professional life, whether you are an artist, a gallery owner, or a museum curator. Keeping it simple and clear is…